Sunday, July 12, 2015

July Blogging Challenge, Day 12

Today we are to talk about memories, our earliest memories, in particular. Instead, I want to share some other memories.

Yesterday my youngest was baptized, in the Rainbow River. All of my children have given their hearts to the Lord, and publicly shown that commitment through baptism. My heart is full, of joy and praise to God.

Here are some photos from Little Bit's baptism yesterday:
 Some of the group gathered for his baptism
 More of our group
 Little Bit, with the pastor

 Grandpa, helping him dry off
 Is that a "born again" smile, or what?!
 We had hoped to have the baptism at a private beach, but had to have it at the city beach instead...
 afterward, this young man who had witnessed the baptism, came up to the pastor to talk to him...
 The pastor (and his son) prayed with him. God has a purpose in EVERYTHING.
 The Rainbow River
 Little Bit's baptism made me think of Tim's and Jen's baptisms: April 21, 2007
 They were baptized together.
And Botanist Boy was baptized by the same pastor, and in the same location, as Tim and Jen. February, 2010.

I also remember my baptism. It was a few days before my birthday, either my 10th or 11th birthday; I don't remember which now. That was long ago and far away! <grin>

Please share your baptism stories, either yours, or your children's.

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