Tuesday, April 7, 2015

An Even More Typical Day at Rossmont

Yesterday I shared with you what a typical day could/should look like in our home school. Today I'll share what it more often looks like.

Yesterday, I woke about 3:00 am. I tried to get back to sleep, for about an hour, but then gave up and got up. I wasn't feeling well; I felt like my skin was "crawling." So about 4:30 I checked my blood sugar. I was kind of expecting it to be low; instead it was a bit high (143, for those who might know what that means). I drank a pint of water, with a drop of lemon essential oil (which is part of my usual morning routine).

I had my devotional time. While I was listening to the Bible on Gateway (two days' worth of reading for the Reading Through the Bible in 100 Days), I walked around in my room, trying to exercise my blood sugar down.

By now, it was time for my shower. I showered, dressed, made the bed. Then skimmed Facebook, etc. By this time, Little Bit was up. Hubby was gone to work. And I was faced with trying to figure out what to fix for breakfast. Botanist Boy emerged from his room, just in time to eat.

While we ate breakfast, we began listening to Farmer Boy as an audio (via YouTube, actually). We continued listening while cleaning up the kitchen. We ended up listening to Farmer Boy through chapter 12.

By then we were ready to prepare lunch. Botanist Boy wanted to watch Gods and Generals, and Gettysburg. Well, yes, we could only start on Gods and Generals; they are both long (about 8 hours of watch time, total). So we only watched side 1 of the first disc.

After we ate, we cleaned up the kitchen.

We took a quick break from the video, so I could read the next lesson in ARTistic Pursuits to Little Bit, so he could work on his assignment while watching the movie some more.

I took some time, too, to take a few photos for various Instagram Challenges in which I am participating.
I also spent some time watching the dozens of goldfinches visiting our yard. I just had to attempt capturing them (photo taken through the bedroom window). Oh, yes; bird watching is a part of our schooling.

Then we had "free time." Little Bit played a game of his own creation while watching one of the Cars movies. Botanist Boy went out and mowed some of the lawn. I'll admit, I snoozed a bit while watching the local news.

Now it was supper time; hubby arrived home from work. The guys played Lighthouse Monopoly for awhile, while I had computer time, then the boys showered and went to bed. About bedtime for me, now, too. And I'll pray I am able to get better sleep tonight (and that my supper tonight won't spike my blood sugar early in the morning!).

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