Monday, April 6, 2015

A Typical Day at Rossmont

This week on the Homeschool Review Crew, we are sharing what real life homeschool looks like in our homes and families. I hope you'll come back each day throughout the week.

Today I'll share what a typical day looks like, a rough sketch of our schedule...or more like, our usual routine.

Due to my struggles with insomnia, my day can start anywhere from 3:00 am to 6:00 am. During those early-morning hours, I usually read, or write blog posts, or try to gather my thoughts and resources for our school time. Of course, if I wake as early as 3:00 or so, I nearly always am wishing I was still sleeping! (Sometimes, I will work for an hour or two, then try to go back to bed...which often means I then wake up after 7:00 or 8:00!)

No matter what time I wake up, Little Bit usually wakes around matter what time he goes to bed.

My first order of the morning is my quiet time with the Lord, Bible reading, prayer time. I also try to remind Little Bit to have his own quiet time, reading at least one Bible verse, before he gets his iPad. Botanist Boy rises later, and has his quiet time before he even emerges from his room. Currently he is reading through the Bible, one chapter a day, by his own choice.

Even though I aim for breakfast to be around 8:00 or even 8:30, sometimes it's as late as 9:00 or after.

From there, we move in to our schoolwork. Most of what Botanist Boy is working on he does independently, so he heads for his bedroom to work there.

Little Bit still requires a lot of one-on-one assistance with his schoolwork, due to his learning disabilities, so much of my time is focused on helping him.

Typically, Little Bit starts with math, followed by All About Learning. He alternates between reading and spelling. For his science I am currently reading aloud to him Sam Campbell's books. I'm also reading aloud to him books about ancient Greece, for history. Then comes our favorite time, Beyond Five in a Row. Right now we are "Rowing" The Boxcar Children.

Because we are on the Review Crew, we also must fit those into our schedule. Right now we are working on Westward Ho from Homeschool Legacy, so that takes the place of our other history and science resources. Little Bit is also working on an upper elementary level of ARTistic Pursuits.

Lunch is usually around 2:00, sometimes as late as 3:00, so we try to get Little Bit's schoolwork completed by then. We often watch a video while preparing and eating lunch. Sometimes I make them watch something school related; other times I allow them to watch MacGyver or something like that.

After lunch, if Little Bit is finished with his schoolwork, he is allowed free time on his iPad, or the computer, while I work on cleaning up the kitchen, etc.

Then I try to spend some time reading myself, since I review books through Litfuse. Often I catch a quick nap, too! Late in the afternoon or early evening, the boys go outside to work, or play. I keep wishing they would help me make a garden out there somewhere, but it hasn't happened yet! LOL

I'll admit, I usually try to catch the local and world news, just because I like to be aware of what's going on. Sure, I can see quite a bit via Facebook, but I like to see it on TV as well. Then of course is Wheel of Fortune!

By then, hubby is usually home from work. Depending on what is on TV (he doesn't watch many programs), and how tired he is, either he will watch something, or play table games with the boys. The boys also take their showers, and prepare for bed. Little Bit is usually the first one in bed (around 9:00, or earlier if I have my way! LOL). Typically hubby is next to "crash" since he has a one hour commute to work each way, and has to be up and out fairly early.

I think Botanist Boy watches a video, reads a book, writes on his stories, or texts with his cousin or a couple friends after the others have headed to bed. I think sometimes he is the last one to bed, sometimes I am.

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