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PeopleKeys--DISC Career Style Report {Schoolhouse Review Crew}

It's hard for me to believe that it's been just over a year since Jen graduated (and three years since Tim did!). A few months ago, Tim began an online college course (finally! Ha!), in auto mechanics, seems to have "set his course." Jen, on the other hand, still seems to be trying to figure out just where she wants to head.

When we had the chance to review the Online DISC Career Style Report from PeopleKeys, I was very pleased. Jen, perhaps not so much!

PeopleKeys provides assessments which aid organizations in unlocking human potential. They help companies hire and retain the best people for their businesses, by offering the resources to empower them to hire the best person for the job. They have 25+ years experience in the personality assessment industry.

They also offer personality profile and learning style assessments for young students, as well as a student binder for middle school and high school students. Other members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew reviewed these items.

As I mentioned above, Jen wasn't very thrilled with the idea of doing the DISC Career Style assessment, so was reluctant to log on. Finally, I persuaded her to do it. Basically, I said, Here. Do this while I take my shower! When I came back to her, she was finished, and had her report already! Yes, she decided it wasn't so bad, after all!

While I didn't see what the test was like, she described a bit of the process for me. After logging in with the keycode that had been emailed to us, she then filled in her demographic information. After that she answered a series of multiple choice questions, to determine various things, such as what type of environment in which she prefers to work; does she prefer working alone or in a group; what her area of interests are; and her various personality aspects.

Her results were provided both as PDF, which we downloaded and printed off, and in an email, which was sent to her email account.

Her report included:
Cover page, on which shows her name, lists her style (Governor), gives name of report, and the date on which she took the assessment.
Description page, describing what the Governor, or "I" style is
Workplace, describing her "professional style"
Tips for her professional style
Best Career Match, which shows a list of career choices for her "I Style"
Close Career Match, which shows a list of career choices for her "S Style"
Scoring Data graph page

While we found the information interesting and informative, and fairly accurate for the most part, there wasn't any explanation of what DISC stands for. She also felt the Close Career Match list contained choices more closely aligned to her personality and interests.

I had to do some searching around on the website, to find some clarifications of the term DISC. Here is a brief description of DISC theory and DISC personality traits.

A more thorough explanation can be found on this page. The introduction from that page is as follows:
The DISC Personality System is the universal language of behavior. Research has shown that behavioral characteristics can be grouped together in four major divisions called personality styles. People with similar styles tend to exhibit specific behavioral characteristics common to that style. All people share these four styles in varying degrees of intensity. The acronym DISC stands for the four personality styles represented by the letters:

    D (Drive)
    I (Influence)
    S (Steadiness)
    C (Compliance)
I also found this video interesting, entertaining even.

If you want to help your teen/young adult determine what career choices will best fit their personality, you will find this a great tool to assist in that process.

Cost: The Online DISC Career Style Report is $32.00. Don't you think that is a small price to pay, instead of maybe a year or two of college tuition, then have your student find out that maybe their original career choice "really isn't for them" after all? Or perhaps you/your spouse are considering a career change. This assessment will help determine what may best suit you.

Contact Information:
 8392 Tod Avenue
Boardman, OH 44512
Phone: 800-779-3472
Other country representatives listed here



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