Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It's Nearly Time for The Old Schoolhouse Expo!

It won't be long now; next week, in fact! Are you looking forward to the Expo, and to having your "batteries recharged?" The best part is: you can listen from home! You don't have to travel, or try booking a hotel room. You don't even have to find a babysitter! Hey, you could even attend in your pajamas if you want!

One speaker I look forward to hearing is Dean Butler, you know, Almanzo on Little House on the Prairie. I grew up reading Laura Ingalls Wilder's books, and watching the Little House on the Prairie television series. And now we own the whole series on DVD.

Did you read my recent review for Legacy Documentaries? Dean will be discussing his journey from acting as Almanzo, to producing documentaries.

Now, the Botanist Boy will be excited to listen in on what Hope Auer has to say! Ever since we reviewed A Cry from Egypt about a year ago, he has been working on writing books of his own. I think one of the things that impresses him the most is that she began writing her first historical novel at age thirteen (which is how old my boy is now).

She will be discussing how your tween or teen can write his own novel, and have it published. I know my boy already "follows" her on Facebook.

Another speaker I am interested in hearing is Andrew Pudewa. I have hear many good things said about him, though I haven't heard him myself yet.

The title of his topic intrigues me: Teaching Boys and Other Children Who Would Rather Make Forts All Day. That definitely sounds like my boys! LOL

Be sure to mark you calendars: August 19-23, 2013, 1pm to 8pm, Eastern Time; 10am to 5pm, Pacific Time. But don't worry if you can't be there at those times, because the recordings will be available for later listening!

Remember to register; it only costs $24.00. You'll have the opportunity to hear 30 popular speakers.

Schoolhouse Expo
Disclaimer: This is a promotional post, with admission to the Expo as my compensation.
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