Tuesday, June 25, 2013

O is for Orchid

O is for Orchid

I think one of our most favorite flower is the orchid, the "our" being my mother, Botanist Boy, and me. My mother certainly has some beautiful specimens!

My mother gave one to Botanist Boy for his thirteenth birthday. She'd given him one for Christmas a couple years before that, but we didn't have much success keeping that one alive. He seems to be having better "luck" with this one.

A majority of orchids are perennial epiphytes, which grow anchored to trees or shrubs in the tropics and subtropics. One important use of orchids is their cultivation for the enjoyment of the flowers. Orchids of all types are often sought by collectors. Therefore, many hundreds of societies and clubs worldwide have been established.

You might wish to see if you can find one locally. I know my parents joined one not far from their home, in Florida.

Orchid Care Tips
American Orchid Society
Orchid Care Tips newsletter

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Can you think of any other flowers or plants which begin with "O"?

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  1. we love orchids and have several. there is a cool place to buy them in FL -- Homestead, I think is where. Just beautiful.

  2. I've been wanting an orchid plant. Thanks for sharing the link.s


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