Tuesday, June 18, 2013

N is for. . .

N is for Nippon Daisy

Well, we've finally come to a letter/flower for which I have no picture I've taken myself! N.

I originally thought I'd be using Narcissus, but I used it as Jonquil instead.

There were a couple other flowers I could have chosen: Nippon Daisy, or Nothoscordum (false garlic), but I don't have photos of them. Unless this is a Nippon Daisy:

It doesn't look like most of the images here, so I am just not sure. Here's a little more information about them, anyway:

Plant Encyclopedia
About.com Landscaping

N is for Nasturtium

My main flower for the letter "N" is the Nasturium. I find the Nasturium to be an interesting plant/flower. Maybe sometime the Botanist Boy and I can grow some of our own.

This genus is part of the cabbage family, and are best known for the watercresses. You can go here to view images of Nasturtium, since I don't have any of my own.

Some resources for growing and caring for Nasturium:
Old Famer's Almanac
How Stuff Works
Grow Nasturtiums for Flowers and Salads
Herbal Gardens (there are a few recipes here, too)

How about some more recipes?
Martha Stewart's Nasturtium Pesto
Stuffed Nasturtium Blooms
Yummly has a list of several
Edible Delights
Sunset Magazine, Nasturtium Salad
And here is a Pinterest Board with a few recipes

So, can you think of any other flowers or plants which begin with "N"?

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  1. So... not actually about the daisy but the nasturtium (I happen to like it as well). Did you know it was edible?

    Annette @ A Net In Time

  2. Yep! That's why I've included lists of recipes. :-)


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