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Birdcage Press {Schoolhouse Review Crew}

Does your family enjoy games? What about if they are educational games? I think one of the funnest ways to learn is through games. My kids seem to think so, as well. Then again, maybe they don't really realize they actually are learning. ;-)

The past few weeks, we've been playing a fun game several times a week, from Birdcage Press. I was excited to be able to receive Go Fish for Ancient Egypt, since we are currently studying ancient Egypt for Bible/History.

This card game consists of 36 playing cards, plus a 34 page booklet, which contains information about Ancient Egypt, as well as directions for playing the game. It's designed for ages 7 and up.

There are six sets of six cards each: gods, goddesses, symbols, pharaohs, mummies, and afterlife.

As you can see, each card has a set number, category name, photo and name of the item pictured, with some brief information. At the bottom is a list of everything else in that set.

It was easy to incorporate Go Fish for Ancient Egypt in to Little Bit's workboxes. When he came to it, we'd round up whoever was available of his older siblings, or sometimes we'd play it, just the two of us.

There were several ways we'd play, too. Usually, if it was just Little Bit and me, we'd just use the numbers. If we included any of the older kids, we had a rule that we had to use the number and the category name.

For example, I'd ask Botanist Boy if he had a 5 Mummies. If he didn't, I'd have to "Go Fish." There were a couple occasions when Jen, Botanist Boy and I played without Little Bit. That's when we'd ask for the specific item, say, the Cat Mummy, or King Tutankhamun. Hey! We even got Tim to play with us a couple times, too!

We all enjoyed it. I'm sure we'll pull it out often. In fact, I plan to put it in to either boy's workbox line-up occasionally during the remainder of our time studying ancient Egypt.

You can read more about Birdcage Press, if you'd like. They have many other games available, several of which other Crew members were able to review. Believe me, I have my eyes on a few of them, like some of the Wildlife and Nature sets, as well as some of the Art sets. Be sure to read the others' reviews!

Cost: Go Fish for Ancient Egypt costs $10.95.

Contact Information:
Birdcage Press, LLC
2320 Bowdoin Street
Palo Alto, California 94306
Phone number: 650-462-6300


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