Monday, March 25, 2013

B is for Bromeliad

B is for Bromeliad

The bromeliads are a family of monocot flowering plants native mainly to the tropics of the Americas, with a few species being native to the subtropics of the Americas. Spanish Moss and Pineapples are among the bromeliads.

The first two photos are of Botanist Boy's plants, which my mom gave him. The rest are my mom's. I photographed them on our recent visit to Florida. (Please don't ask me to name them all! ;-) ).

Pitcher Plant

Up close of pitchers
Small frogs really, really like living in this type of plant!

You can read and learn more about bromeliads and their care at Bromeliad Plant Care Blog.

Can you think of any other flowers/plants that start with "B"?

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