Monday, March 25, 2013

A Day at Rossmont, in Photos

I don't participate in the Blog Cruise nearly as often as I wish to (that deadline sneaks up on me!), but this week's topic, "Our Homeschool Day in Photos," couldn't be passed up!

Our day starts a little early for the boys, and differently from many. You see, the first order of business each day is tending to the pet chores.

Feeding the Chickens, and Mama Cat
Tending the Rabbits

Feeding the Goats and the Donkey

The Dog
After all of the outside animals are taken care of for the day, then it's time for breakfast...

...which is followed by family worship and Bible class.

Our Bible class actually includes Ancient Egypt history, and geography, as well.

Then the boys usually separate, to work on math, science, language arts, etc. Little Bit most often works at my bed:

Or he'll watch a video. This time, it's a video about polar bears, for science. Often he will build things with Legos while watching the videos.

Or  he'll do some schoolwork on the computer.

Botanist Boy prefers working in his bedroom, usually at his desk.

This time, I caught him at the bed, instead.
He would much rather be doing anything outside than doing schoolwork inside!

(He especially likes working on projects with his step dad on the weekends.)

 Oh, yeah; we have lunch in there somewhere, too!

After the boys have their schoolwork finished, usually by mid-afternoon, they are free to go outside to play, and then do evening pet chores.

After hubby gets home from work, there's supper, showers, and bedtime, usually with a little TV watching in there, too.

Do you have photos to share from a typical day in your home school? I'd enjoy seeing them!

Be sure to see how other Crew members share their days in photos. (Link will go live Tuesday, March 26, 2013).

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  1. I love all of the animals. I am sure the boys don't always love the chores that come along with them though.
    Thanks for sharing!


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