Friday, November 9, 2012

2012 Gratitude Challenge--November 9

Today I am very grateful to be living in southwest Mississippi, rather than Montana. I like the relatively-warm temperatures and sunshine we had today, compared to the snowy, icy weather they have right now.

Please don't be offended, if you live in a colder, snowy part of the country than where I am right now. I used to love the snow, and I still think it's pretty. In fact, I'd like snow on: December 8; December 25; and January 5. ;-)

What are you grateful for today? Stop by and share on Brenda's blog, and follow along through the month.

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  1. Well I know the dates of Dec 25 and Jan 5 as being great dates for you but what is Dec 8? Today I am grateful for the Sabbath and the lovely peace filled time with God I am enjoying. :-)

  2. The importance of December 8: my Botanist Boy's birthday. Four weeks from today, he will be THIRTEEN!! (I figure if I say it often enough, my heart will be ready to accept the fact! LOL)


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