Thursday, November 22, 2012

2012 Gratitude Challenge--November 22

Today I am grateful to have a whole day with my family: hubby, and all four of my kids. They don't happen very often, since Tim works nearly every day. In fact, he probably won't have another day off now until Christmas day!

So, we spent the day, watching the parade, the dog show, cooking/baking, and eating....Oh, and cleaning up the kitchen two or three times!

A little bit of football has been watched; and even a Christmas movie, or two.


The Menu:
mashed potatoes and gravy
sweet potato souffle
green bean casserole
Harvest Nut Roast and gravy
cranberry sauce

fresh veggie tray
deviled eggs
chocolate pie
pumpkin pie
pecan pie

I hope you've had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day, too!

What are you grateful for today? Stop by and share on Brenda's blog, and follow along through the month.

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