Saturday, October 27, 2012

Type 1 diabetes linked strongly to common enterovirus

Type 1 diabetes linked strongly to common enterovirus Pin It Now!

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  1. Hi Wendy,
    It's Alane from the Crew. I saw this post on my Google Reader feed and found it to be very interesting. Two years ago, my then 5 year old was rushed to the hospital with what we thought was an onset of DM1. Praise God, it ended up NOT being it --- but that was sure an education. As we were doing daily finger sticks for a while, I researched and learned as much as I could about DM onsets. Most doctors were shocked that Levi's blood sugar could be up to 250+ and it *not* be DM. But after that two day scare, he's been totally fine. At the time he was initially tested (during a well child visit where he had dumped sugar in his routine urine sample), I remember he was just getting over a bit of a cold. Now I'm wondering if this virus might have been messing with his system. I am still a bit nervous that he will develop DM1 at some point -- and I keep my eye out for interesting things like this. Thank you for posting it! Have a blessed weekend!


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