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G is for Goats {Blogging Through the Alphabet}

G is for Goats

As you know by now, we have goats. We've had goats since near the end of April, 2011.

First we had just Angie and Zena. Zena is a Nubian; Angie is a LaMancha.


It was a challenge, learning how to milk goats, but Jen and Botanist Boy have done an excellent job learning how!

Even Little Bit has tried his hand at milking
Last fall/early winter we took Zena and Angie to the lady from whom we got them, for them to be bred.

Later, since they were not producing milk during that time, we brought another one home with us, who was producing milk.

Doodlebug was kind of ornery sometimes. She'd push Zena around, a lot. I found it very aggravating!

We began anxiously waiting for the kids to arrive.

One day near the end of May, the kids came running in to tell me Zena was in labor! I think it was the kids' first time to witness a birth, and the Botanist Boy actually assisted.


A couple days later, the kids came running in again, saying they'd seen our dog almost attacking Angie! Come to find out, Angie had already had her babies: twins, whom the children named Annie and Andy. They guess the dog thought Angie was trying to hurt the babies, when she was licking them clean, and he was going to protect them.


Angie and Andy
 Sadness followed a couple weeks later. Our little Annie died in her sleep. It was heartbreaking! (She is now buried out by our old Cody dog).

Shortly after that, Angie became very, very sick. I frantically contacted the lady from whom we'd gotten the goats, who gave me instructions over the phone of what to purchase, and how to administer it, etc. We had a very stressful several days, doctoring the goat, and praying continuously! We had to take Andy off her, and have him nurse from one of the other goats. God graciously answered our prayers, and healed our Angie girl.

Some time this past spring or summer, we exchanged Doodlebug for Gwinny, and brought Buffy along for company for Zoe. Then Buffy wasn't feeling well, so we took her back. Eventually, Gwinny went back, and so did Angie and Andy, because our "goat lady" had someone interested in buying Angie, and maybe wanted Andy, too.

So, now we are down to just our Zena and Zoe.

We'll probably be drying Zena up soon, then let her have a break, and try to get some weight put back on her. Perhaps next fall she can breed again. I don't know if Zoe will be ready by then, too, or not. We still have so much to learn about goat husbandry!

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