Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A is for AIR CONDITIONING {Blogging Through the Alphabet}

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As you know, we received basically a direct hit from Hurricane Isaac (well, tropical storm, by the time it finally reached us) last week. It caused us to be without power for approximately 71 hours...which means, no air conditioning.

The storm also meant that, when hubby left for work Tuesday morning, he took changes of clothes with him, prepared to stay two or three days. He has to help keep the TV station on the air, ya know! ;-) Frankly, I was thankful for their continuous coverage during the time we did have electricity.

Without the electricity and AC, we had to open the windows. At first that was fine, because it was still quite breezy. But when the wind died, the humidity became unbearable.

Wednesday was when the worst of the storm was hitting us. Hubby was at work; and Tim had to go to work as well. That evening was when the power went out.

About 11:00 PM hubby texted to say he was on his way home, to sleep for a few hours. Next morning, he and the Botanist Boy set up a lawn mower battery and some kind of converter, so we could plug in a small fan.

By Thursday evening I was becoming concerned about Jen's insulin. When Tim texted to say the power would probably be out for 3-5 days, Jen and I went across the street to the neighbors who have a generator, to see if we could keep her insulin there. To make things more frustrating, a large portion of the rest of the town received their power back.

Friday morning I woke up to not only no power, but no cell service either! I'll admit it: I cried! Then I prayed, and prayed some more. I prayed for the power to come back on; I prayed for the cell service to be restored.

Awhile later, before hubby was even awake, there was a knock at our front door. One of the neighbors was there, offering to let us borrow a generator! We gladly accepted! This way, we could run the refrigerator, as well as two or three fans, and the wifi. We were also able to charge our Kindles and iPod, and the cell phones, after cell service was restored.

What a blessing to have fans! What a blessing to not worry about Jen's insulin, or losing the food in our freezer, and all that!! We were even able to hook up the TV and watch Little House on the Prairie on DVD for a little while.

We passed the time watching an occasional DVD; playing Say Anything; reading A Cry From Egypt. The boys also set up a battery operated Hot Wheels track, and played with their cars on it.

Love Tim's choice of reading material! ;-)

The car track

I am sad to admit, I wasn't the most gracious throughout this ordeal. I was hot and cranky. Sometimes I felt like I was going to lose my mind! The kids were hot and cranky, too. It made me remember why I don't like living in the South! ;-)

Sabbath morning I went to church, to spend some time in an air conditioned environment. :-)

That evening, while Jen and I were watching a video on Hulu on my computer, I suddenly saw my ceiling fan beginning to turn! After seventy-one hours, the electricity was back on! Blessed air conditioning!! Something I will never take for granted again!

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  1. love seeing He provided for your needs in the midst of the storm. I would have been cranky, too!

    thanks for linking up again!

  2. Wonderful that God provided for you through kind neighbors! How many things - like air conditioning! - we take for granted, and don't appreciate until we are without. Glad you were able to find ways to cope and to pass the time. I certainly would have been cranky as well!


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