Monday, September 3, 2012

Homeschooling the High School Years

Homeschooling high school? Do you feel a little intimidated?

This week's Blog Cruise covers the topic of Homeschooling High School. Although I am currently not homeschooling a high schooler, as you know we do have two homeschooled high school graduates in the family now! And, frankly, I have only two years until child number three is ready for high school!

Believe me, I do not have all the answers! ;-) In fact, I've been finding it a learning experience with each one. As with the rest of homeschooling (and parenting in general): What works for one child, may not work for the next one!

Poor Tim! He ended up being my "guinea pig" all the way through his homeschool career. I had to learn that balance between being too delayed in the formal eduction; too relaxed; too "unschoolish" even; and providing enough teacher-led, "formal" schooling...even in to his high school years.

Some of his high school time he had the opportunity to take some classes through the Florida Virtual School, because we were still in Florida at that time.

A large percentage of his high school education was pretty strongly "delight-directed" and "self-taught"...because he enjoyed watching programs on The History Channel, Science Channel, Discovery Channel, Weather Channel, etc.

It was a challenge getting him to complete his assignments in math and literature! ;-)

The last year and a half of his high school years, he also had a part time job, so he was receiving a solid vocational education. Now he has nearly four years' experience on his job; he is very well liked, and seems to be considered a valuable employee. It does this mama-heart good to hear such praises for her boy!

Jen benefited a bit more from the lessons that I learned. We ended up being a little more "formal" for her high school years. The first two years, I had to push her; but the second two years, she began working more on her own, became more self-motivated. She actually did attempt the ACT.

While neither of them has applied for college anywhere, I am hopeful that they will, someday....even if it is "just" vocational or technical school, particularly on Tim's part. Jen seems to be considering working toward becoming a Registered Nurse.

As I mentioned, for Tim, he had a few classes from the Florida Virtual School. Some of the other resources we used: Apologia Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics); Math-U-See Stewardship; various "living books" for literature, history, government and economics.

Jen's resources were more structured: Apologia Science (Biology; Marine Biology; Human Anatomy and Physiology); Life of Fred (Algebra 1 & 2; Geometry); MUS Stewardship; Excellence in Literature; and, again, "living books" for literature, history, government and economics.

An excellent resource, which I loosely used, is Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+U+La, by Barb Shelton. Tim and Jen's aunt loaned me the book. Other resources, which may be useful for the junior high and high school years: Far Above Rubies (for girls) and Blessed is the Man (for boys), by Lynda Coats; and Polished Cornerstones (for girls) and Plants Grown Up (for boys), from Doorposts.

We also like using unit studies, many of which can include all grades, kindergarten through twelfth grade, such as those from Christian Cottage, or Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett.

As I said at the beginning of this post, I have a seventh grader this year. So I am planning to use these next years to somewhat prepare him for his high school years...again trying to find that balance between "too relaxed" and "too structured"....

The main thing I can say about homeschooling the high school years: Breathe, and pray! Other than that, relax, and enjoy learning right along with your high schoolers.

To read how other Crew members are teaching the high school years, go here. (Link becomes "live" Tuesday morning, September 4).

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