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Golden Prairie Press--Costumes With Character {Schoolhouse Review Crew}

We enjoy history around here. When we can learn history in a hands-on, living way, it's all the better!

When the opportunity to review for Golden Prairie Press, I was pleased. We chose Costumes With Character, because we enjoy going to Civil War Reenactments, and Jen would like to have a period costume to wear the next time we go!

Amy Puetz (pronounced Pitts) is a homeschool graduate, a self-taught historian, and a servant of Jesus Christ. As the owner of Golden Prairie Press she publishes books that show history at its best. History has been a passion for her since childhood. Years of in-depth study (both in modern and old sources) have equipped her to write history-related books. She also publishes a bimonthly e-zine for ladies of all ages, called Heroines of the Past.

Costumes With Character is an easy sewing book with patterns and step-by-step instructions for making accessories for eleven different time periods. The book highlights eleven different eras in American history.

The chapters are:
  • Colonial (Pilgrim & Puritan 1620-1700)
  • Quaker (1681-1860)
  • American Revolution (1775-1783)
  • Young Republic (1800-1820)
  • Romantic Era (1820-1848)
  • Pioneer (1800s)
  • Civil War (1861-1865)
  • Sailor (1865-1905)
  • Victorian 1880s
  • Victorian 1890s
  • Turn of the Century (1900-1910)
  • Tea Party
Each chapter has color instructions to make cuffs, aprons, bonnets, hats, collars, vests, etc. There are also lots of extra goodies like quotes, quizzes, and beautiful pictures. You will learn more about the history of each era from reliable old sources.

This is a fun book for girls and ladies of all ages. The patterns are designed for young adults (about age 16+), but a handy adjustment formula is included to help you use the patterns for younger girls.

Also available now is the Costumes With Character pattern book, which contains the full sized patterns from the book. It is printed on three feet by 15 feet paper and has 45 pattern pieces.

We received the ebook version of Costumes With Character, which I loaded on to my Kindle Fire, and Jen's Kindle Fire. We are both finding the book very interesting. I think Jen finally discovered a method through which to enjoy learning history! ;-)

We also received an ebook version of the pattern book. I had planned to print it out, but my printer "died" on me. I think I'll have to purchase the newly-released print version of the pattern book!

If you have girls, you'll want to add this to your history resources.

Amy Peutz has written several other books on history, as well: Uncover Exciting History; Heroines of the Past Bible Study; Ten Girls from History. You'll want to check them out. You can also sign up for her free ezine, called Heroines of the Past.

Cost: Costumes With Character: ebook--$21.95; printed book--$37.00. Costumes With Character Pattern Book--$15.00.

Hurry!! Through September 1, 2012, the books are on sale at 20% off!

Contact Information:
Amy Puetz
P.O. Box 429
Wright, WY 82732

Be sure to find out what other Crew members have to say about Golden Prairie Press.

Disclaimer: As a Schoolhouse Review Crew blogger, I am provided a free copy of the book, curriculum or product to test and use in order to write an honest review. I receive no other compensation and the opinions I share are my own and not influenced by the company in question.
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