Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Kids on the Farm, part 2

Surprise! We weren't positive on the due date....But our poor Angie girl couldn't hold back any longer!



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  1. Ohhhhhhh sooo exciting....was it twins? What are their sexes? What names have you chosen. Maybe with the other goat kidding it brought Angie on a bit earlier. So glad all are delivered safely! :-)

  2. The white one is a male; the brown one a female. Again, we may not be able to keep the female. For now, my children are calling them Annie and Andy. :-)

  3. Ohhhhh such cute names....I hope you can at least have the girls while they are bottle feeding. Baby goats are so funny when they play. I could watch them for will have soooooo much fun!

  4. They are adorable!! We have always wanted to get some goats. Will you milk them? Goats milk is something that we drink. It doesn't bother our stomachs.

    I'm following you from the crew. I thought I already had.

  5. Yes, we are milking the mamas. Well, the white mama we aren't, yet. The Nubian mama, we got like a quart and half from her this morning! So, between the two we are currently milking, we got a gallon today, I think....or nearly, at least.


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