Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy birthday, Twelve-year-old!!

Twelve years ago
Twelve years ago, I held in my arms my newborn baby son.

That year I learned even more the true meaning of Christmas, and what might have been going through Mary's heart. 

On Christmas day, we specially dedicated him to the Lord during church service.

He is growing in to an amazing young man. He is learning to be a hard worker, to stick to the job until it is completed. He has an extraordinary imagination, and creativity oozes from him! I think he will be a great inventor, like Thomas Edison! ;-)

He hopes to someday become a pastor, a landscaper, or an electrical engineer....or maybe all three!!

He has a passion for rabbits and plants; a smile that warms the heart; and a laugh that's contagious! He also has a fierce temper, yet a soft, often generous, heart. 

I love you, Son, more than you could ever know!
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