Sunday, September 25, 2011

TOS Review: Games For Competitors-Tricross

Games always have a great attraction in our home. It was truly exciting to learn we'd be receiving Tri-Cross, by Game for Competitors. New games for our homeschool! Yeah!

When the package arrived, we discovered not just one game, but two versions! We received the Standard (board game) version, as well as the Eco-Edition.

The Standard comes in a sturdy box, with an equally sturdy board, and thick plastic games pieces in a cloth (velveteen) bag.

The Eco-Edition comes with an organic-cotton cloth game board, sturdy plastic game pieces, and a cotton cloth carrying back. Very handy to slip into one's purse, backpack, or what ever.

The game seems to be a cross between Chess and Checkers, and develops such skills as:

Logical Thinking
Cause and Effect
Interpreting Outcomes
Abstract Thinking
Memory (In Variations of Play)

Of course, written instructions come with the games, as well. We also received a CD-ROM, with oral/visual instructions, which helped me a lot in learning how to play the game. The following video will explain how to play far better than I can!

The kids have played far more than I have; I think Teen Girl has caught on the best. Little Bit still requires quite a bit of assistance. He doesn't seem to really get the concept. But he has fun playing anyway!

I can see us taking the Eco-Edition with us on trips/vacations, since it is so handy to pack. I’m not real sure we’ll get hubby to play, because he took one look at the instructions, and thought they looked confusing.

Teen Girl's take: I like Tri-Cross, although it seems too easy. I can easily beat my little brothers. Hmmm, makes me think we need to focus a little more on developing strategy! ;-)

Botanist Boy's take: It's okay, I guess. That's all I have to say. I guess he needs to learn a little more about strategy as well!

Little Bit's take: I don't like it that much. I don't really understand what we're trying to do. Which I guess is understandable, since the game is specifically designed for ages 10 and up, and he is only 9 (in a way, younger, due to his developmental delays).

In that case, I guess we'll just have to play Tri-Cross more. I'm kind of looking forward to the possibility of getting together with extended family during the holidays, and trying it out with the rest of them!

Maybe this just means my kids aren't very competitive. So, if your family is the competitive type, you will really enjoy any of the versions of Tri-Cross! With Christmas only 3 months away, here is something you will want to keep in mind as a gift to your family, or friends.

The Tri-Cross standard edition costs $24.95; the Eco-Edition is $19.95; and there is a wood edition, which sells for $35.95.

Contact Information:


GFC Georgia LLC (Games For Competitors)
3069 McCall Drive, Suite 1
Atlanta, GA 30340

Phone: 770-452-7987
Fax: 770-452-8138



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  1. Wow, that was great you received both games. I think my one of my daughters would enjoy the game, she is very competitive. Her sister on the other hand probably wouldn't like it.


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