Sunday, May 15, 2011

Diabetes Blog Week--What We've Learned


I think one of the main things I learned this week, was learning a little about LADA. I hadn't heard about it, by that name. I had heard of Type 1.5, but didn't really know what it was. From the little I learned, I am starting to suspect I will probably end up with that type myself...if I don't already.

So, am I still "just" a parent of a T1 young person? Or am I a PWD myself?...I don't really know, and I'm not sure when I will know.

Another thing I've learned: I would like to get better acquainted with a lot of you who are a part of the DOC. :-)

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  1. Interesting. You think you might have diabetes? Have you seen a doc? I just saw you today and I enjoyed the week too.

  2. Maybe you are an honorary PWD!! :)
    I hope to get to know you better - keep blogging!


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