Wednesday, April 13, 2011

365 Days of Photos--Day 102

This photo was not taken on Day 102.....Frankly, this photo was not even taken this week, or this month....But I am sharing this photo for Day 102, because this was the day our dear Cody dog took her last breath.

Those of you who have and love pets, know just what we went through will go through over the next few days.

Our beloved doggie friend was old (around 15 years old). Her health was beginning to decline, and declining more rapidly the past few weeks. Her hind legs had gotten so they weren't functioning well. But when the kids told me a couple days ago that she couldn't get up on her front legs anymore, either.....And that they were having to put her in to and out of her dog house....I just could not see her suffer anymore.

Frankly, I had been praying for several weeks that she would just go to sleep and not wake up some morning....We really didn't have the funds to take her to the vet to receive that life-stealing shot. But what, really, is the price of knowing our beloved pet is no longer suffering?

So we loaded her into the van yesterday (seriously, the kids had to carry her, using an old beach towel for a "stretcher" between them). Before I closed the van door, I reached down to pet her, and she looked up at me with those trusting eyes. All I could say was, "I'm sorry, Cody...."

It's only about 10 miles to the vet....But it was a very long ride.....

At the clinic, they went ahead and came out to the van to give her the shot. They listened to her heart with the stethoscope, then told us she was gone. They also told us she had a tumor in her abdomen the size of a we had done the right thing.

She is no longer suffering. She is buried in the back yard, in the hole Botanist Boy and Teen Girl dug. Her bark is silenced forever......

But our hearts will ache, and the tears will flow. Our ears will listen expectantly. Then we will remember, again....she is no longer there.

Rest in peace, our dear Cody dog!

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