Friday, February 11, 2011

January, 2011, Review in Photos

Roofing the shed

Daniel's bunny

Steven's Funtastic Frogs

Ducks near Steven's therapy

Jen watching the ducks

Watching Wild Kratts

Playing in "the fort"

Daniel helps Steven down

Reading about dogs

Making S'mores in the kitchen


Some of our Winter Reads

Steven's version of Haystacks

Jen reading for schoolwork

Wiring the shed

Daniel and Steven


Saying good-bye to stepdad in the morning

During our long drive to therapy

Watching SpeekeeTV on computer (Spanish class)

Trapped finch

Releasing trapped finch

A stop at the drive-in for milk shakes

Steven, after a busy day

Daniel, enjoying playing games

Jen, making lamingtons for Australia Day
Monopoly, Jr.

Jen's new "tin grin"
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