Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year!

It is so hard to believe we are into a new year. In a few days, we will "celebrate" the seventh anniversary of Jen's diagnosis. In a few months, Jen will be 18!

This year, we will be working toward turning more and more of the diabetes care over to her. I don't know about Jen, but the thought feels a little frightening to me. I mean, I know she will some day move out on her own, perhaps marry and have children herself. But I'd like to "bury my head in the sand" and pretend it is still years and years away!

Perhaps this year will also find Jen getting her driver's license! ;-) And next school year will be her senior year.

As for me, and this blog, I hope to be more consistent and regular in posting (and in posting on my other blogs ;-) ). I'd like to be able to reconnect with the community of parents of children affected by diabetes, as well.

What are your plans for 2011? Pin It Now!


  1. I haven't gotten around to writing my 2011 intentions....hopefully I'll manage to scrape something together before Christmas!!!!

    ACK!!! EEK!!!! Handing over the reigns???

    I'll be paying close the meantime, however, I might need to throw up, because the thought just made me nauseated.

  2. Oh, Wendy, I feel nauseated every time I think about "handing over the reigns"....or at the thought of Jen driving!! Jen's older brother is 19, still doesn't have his license yet, either.....and the thought of HIM driving, or HIM moving out makes me positively ill!!

    The HARDEST part of parenting is letting go! my opinion, anyway...


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