Sunday, January 9, 2011

Psalm 58

 1 Do you rulers really say what is right?
       Do you judge people fairly?
 2 No, in your heart you plan evil;
       you think up violent crimes in the land.
 3 From birth, evil people turn away from God;
       they wander off and tell lies as soon as they are born.
 4 They are like poisonous snakes,
       like deaf cobras that stop up their ears
 5 so they cannot hear the music of the snake charmer
       no matter how well he plays.

 6 God, break the teeth in their mouths!
       Tear out the fangs of those lions, Lord!
 7 Let them disappear like water that flows away.
       Let them be cut short like a broken arrow.
 8 Let them be like snails that melt as they move.
       Let them be like a child born dead who never saw the sun.
 9 His anger will blow them away alive
       faster than burning thorns can heat a pot.
 10 Good people will be glad when they see him get even.
       They will wash their feet in the blood of the wicked.
 11 Then people will say,
       "There really are rewards for doing what is right.
       There really is a God who judges the world."  (Psalm 58, New Century Version) Pin It Now!

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