Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Bliss 2010

December has arrived!! What comes to mind when you hear that name? In our family, yes, it means Christmas; but it also means some birthdays, and our anniversary. There are many holiday traditions that occur, or have occurred in the past which we sometimes remember with fondness.

Since we will be celebrating only our second anniversary this year, you can imagine we are still searching for "traditions" together as a new family.

I find I must give an explanation, concerning my previous post. Those of us who participated in the 2010 Gratitude Challenge enjoyed it so much, we wanted to develop a new meme for the month of December. So Brenda, at Garden of Learning, is posting Holiday Bliss!

While I admit, in some ways I really struggle this time of year (thank you, Seasonal Affective Disorder!!), I want to make this time of year special and full of wonderful memories for my children. So I hope to participate in this regularly throughout the month.

Brenda says: To participate in this one, you can share favorite holiday recipes, crafts, traditions, things you do during the month, thoughts on Christmas or Hanukkah, pictures of your family during December, or just anything that has something to do with this blessed holiday season.  Since we are going through the entire month of December, the meme should lead us right up to the new year.  So don’t forget to include those holiday plans as well.

It will be fun to read about others' holiday plans, traditions, memories, etc. Please join us on our journey!

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