Monday, November 15, 2010

2010 Gratitude Challenge--Day 15

Wow!! Halfway through the month of November! Hard to believe!!

Today I am very grateful for the wonderful opportunity to receive and use Download N Go units (as part of the review team)! This week we are learning about Benjamin Franklin. My 10 year old thrives on history!!

It is kind of humorous, though. When I called the boys in by the computer, so we could get started on the unit, he became very belligerent, and was grumbling and complaining about doing this. (I just had to bow my head and pray for patience!!!)

Shortly after we got started, he and I had to run an errand, so we had to pause, then come back to it later. He told me while we were out on our errand that he was glad we were doing this unit, and that it wasn't as bad as he thought it was going to be. ;) Silly boy!!

Nothing changes his attitude from reluctance and belligerence more than working on one of the Download N Go units!! So, thank you, Amanda Bennett!! ;)

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  1. My boys (also 10) love history too, and Amanda Bennett has some fantastic unit studies!


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