Sunday, November 28, 2010

2010 Gratitude Challenge--Day 28

Today I am grateful for my brothers, their wives and their children.

I am especially thankful for my nephew; he turns 19 today. He and my oldest used to be like two peas in a pod! They seem to get along well, for the most part, anyway. And I'm proud as can be of my two nieces!

My older brother's wife works in retail, and has for years. I admire her loyalty to her job, especially this time of year!! I admire my younger brother's wife for her courage to go back to school, and take nursing. I know that's a real challenge!

I have learned much from my brothers: some good, some not-so-good. ;) My older brother has taught me strength, how to stand up for myself, and independence. My younger brother has taught me compassion, kindness, and how to be a peace maker.

I love them all, very much!

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  1. I hope your nephew has a great birthday. It's a good thing when family get along and love one another. It breaks my heart to se families divided.


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