Monday, November 29, 2010

Blog 30 Days of Diabetes--Day 29

“Mouthwatering Monday” – How long did those Thanksgiving Day leftovers last? Leftovers can be a useful strategy in saving money and making your portions smaller, but many people don’t like them. How do you feel about leftovers?

I actually think we still have some of those Thanksgiving leftovers. I know everyone has been eating on them, throughout the weekend. I haven't done anything yet to make "new" dishes from them....I may end up doing so tomorrow or something.

I'm not that crazy about leftovers, myself....neither are the kids. But sometimes we don't have much choice but to eat leftovers. They usually go down better if I am able to disguise them in new dishes, like soup or pot pie, or something like that.

Today was my husband's birthday. I certainly didn't want to fix leftovers for his birthday dinner, but, well, that is what we ended up with anyway!! And the birthday cake Jen made.

Hard to believe that tomorrow is the last day of November...and now we are entering the holiday season, full force. May your holidays be special and full of meaning this year.
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  1. OMGsh!! We're ENDING NaBloPoMo and I just found you!


    I added you to my blogroll...thanks for stopping by Candy Hearts!


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