Friday, November 19, 2010

TOS Review: KBTeachers

Do you have times in your homeschooling journey when life just gets really busy, and seems to want to "take over" your homeschooling? It certainly happens around here at times!

I admit, I am not real big on workbooks and textbooks. Sure, I know in some instances they are necessary....My kids tend to be more "hands on" anyway. Sometimes, though, it is fun to have worksheets, just to add a little something extra to what we are already studying, or to add a little extra practice.

It was a pleasure to learn that we would have the opportunity to use and review KBTeachers! I've had fun exploring what all is available: worksheets in science, social studies, language arts, and math. There are themed worksheets, seasonal, and holidays. There are truly worksheets and booklets for all levels.

In science, we are all studying Marine Biology this year. There are some worksheets to label parts of various ocean creatures, as well as some fact sheets. I'm printing some off for a couple of the children.

I've printed off some math sheets for the 1st grader; some cursive practice sheets for the 4th/5th grader; some writing worksheets for my 11th grader, just to give her more practice in the mechanics of writing essays, etc. We have the option of printing the pages in color, or black and white.

It was especially fun to print some Thanksgiving themed math sheets for the youngest!

One of the exciting things I discovered was the section for printing worksheets using sign language symbols! You can also use Morse Code. I find it exciting for the simple reason that my youngest is hearing impaired, as am I, so we work on learning sign language around here. I was able to generate my own worksheets, which spell out the names of each of the family members, as well as our pets!

KBTeachers offers many free watermarked worksheets; they also offer premium membership for a free 10 day trial. A one-year premium membership is $29.00; a two-year premium membership is $49.00; and there is a 30-day money back guarantee.

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