Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Psalm 36

 1 Sin speaks to the wicked in their hearts.
       They have no fear of God.
 2 They think too much of themselves
       so they don't see their sin and hate it.
 3 Their words are wicked lies;
       they are no longer wise or good.
 4 At night they make evil plans;
       what they do leads to nothing good.
       They don't refuse things that are evil.

 5 Lord, your love reaches to the heavens,
       your loyalty to the skies.
 6 Your goodness is as high as the mountains.
       Your justice is as deep as the great ocean.
    Lord, you protect both people and animals.
 7 God, your love is so precious!
       You protect people in the shadow of your wings.
 8 They eat the rich food in your house,
       and you let them drink from your river of pleasure.
 9 You are the giver of life.
       Your light lets us enjoy life.

 10 Continue to love those who know you
       and to do good to those who are good.
 11 Don't let proud people attack me
       and the wicked force me away.
 12 Those who do evil have been defeated.
       They are overwhelmed;
       they cannot do evil any longer. (Psalm 36, New Century Version) Pin It Now!

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