Sunday, October 10, 2010

Some of our favorite field trips

This week's question on the Blog Cruise is: What are some field trips that your family has enjoyed?

Since homeschooling is a lifestyle for us, and we tend to school basically year around, I find it pretty easy to turn just about anything in to a field trip!! Many things can be turned into an educational experience.

When we used to live in Montana, one of our favorite annual field trips was the Threshing Bee in the town we lived in there. It was fascinating to see the old tractors, watch the steam-powered thresher, take a hay ride on a wagon pulled by draft horses.

Another of our favorite field trips was to the State Capitol. While we were in Helena, we also visited the CM Russell museum.

Then we moved to Florida, and we discovered a new  favorite annual field trip--attending the Civil War Reenactment. The reenactment just brings history alive!

Another field trip we enjoyed in Florida was our trip to The Holy Land Experience. That place is so awesome; it is as if you can really feel God's presence. The skits that the actors perform are powerful, and bring the stories from the Bible to life. If you ever have the chance to visit The Holy Land Experience, I urge you to do so!!

Now, here we are in another location, a new state. Over the past couple years, we have discovered more history to enjoy, in a real, tangible setting. There is a lot of Civil War history here; pre-Civil War history; even Native American history. We enjoy trips to Natchez. We want to explore some of the Antebellum homes in the area. Sometime I plan to visit the battlefield in Vicksburg. There are also several Civil War Reenactments nearby.

We live near Baton Rouge, so there are many places to go for field trips. I think our favorite one in Baton Rouge was when we have gone to the State Capitol there. We have also seen the State Capitol of Mississippi; we just haven't been inside it. It is a fun way to learn about each state, to visit the Capitol building.


Be sure to stop by the Blog Cruise blog, to read what other Crew mates have shared about their favorite field trips. I am sure you will find much inspiration in planning field trips of your own.

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