Saturday, September 4, 2010

Download N Go: Pizza Party Review and Giveaway

We have spent the past few days on a very fun, and delicious, unit study!! Do you know where pizza originated? Do you know where mozzarella cheese originally came from, or how it is made?  How many famous Italians do you know? What is your favorite pizza topping?  These are some of the things we learned and explored with this unit.

We enjoyed this unit so much! Each day we learned about a different famous Italian and one of the more famous cities in Italy. We also learned where pizza originated, the different kinds of pizzas from around the world, how yeast is made and the cheese making process. The video clips and other web links throughout the unit add so much to the study!!

The daily objectives for this unit are:

Day 1: Pizza—What Is It?

Day 2:The Story of Pizza

Day 3: Types of Pizza

Day 4: The Science of Pizza

Day 5: Let’s Have a Pizza Party

We had pizza several times this week....some of it  frozen pizza; some homemade; and we even made a trip to the pizzeria on Little Bit's therapy day. ;)

It was fun to learn what some of the popular favorite toppings are in various countries around the world. In our home, most of us like pineapple...either alone, or with onions, or black olives. Little Bit will eat only olives and cheese! ;)

If your family likes pizza, and cooking; if your K-4th graders like learning geography, history, science, or even listening to music;  you will enjoy this unit. You can find more reviews on the Download N Go blog.

Normally, Pizza Party can be purchased at The Old Schoolhouse store for just $7.95, but today and tomorrow only, it is available for just $5.00!! This special price is in celebration of National Cheese Pizza Day tomorrow, September 5! So be sure to hurry over there right away!!

And best of all, I am excited to be able to offer a chance for you to win a free copy of Pizza Party!! Be sure to enter before September 11, midnight central time. Here is how you can enter to win:

  1. Leave a comment on my blog about your favorite kind of pizza! Be sure to include your email address so that I can contact you should you be the lucky winner.

  2. Follow my blog; be sure to leave a comment stating you are now following my blog.

  3. Check out the other Download N Go units, and leave a comment telling me which one looks most interesting to you.


As part of the the Download N Go review team, I have been provided with a copy of this unit to use, review, and post about on my blog.

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  1. My favorite pizza is Ham, Pepperoni and Mushroom.

  2. I am following your blog.

  3. I am most interested in the upcoming Hoppin' Popcorn Download N Go unit.


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