Thursday, July 22, 2010

Product Review: Travel Kits--A Simple Way to Bless Others

Summer time is pretty synonymous with “vacation time” and usually means traveling. This summer if you’re traveling, to Grandma’s house or the beach, or even a trip across the country, plan ahead and prepare to cut the boredom with the creative ideas found in Travel Kits-A Simple Way to Bless Others.


This The Old Schoolhouse e-book is full of wonderful, creative ideas for making car trips fun, and not so boring. It contains useful suggestions on how to put together kits full of items that can be used in the car to entertain the children while traveling....whether your travel is for a long car trip or "just" the weekly trip to your child's therapy sessions or that weekly grocery shopping trip.

You will find suggestions of what kind of items to put into a kit, from small toys, games, books to read, or activity books, to audio books, CDs or DVDs, or snack or treat items. There are ideas of how to package the kit, such as in a tote, a bucket, or even a gift bag. Suggestions are also made as to when you child might be given a gift: when you cross into another state; when you see a cow; when you can make a trucker honk his horn, etc.

Suggestions are also given for games you can play, such as scavenger hunts, travel bingo, or our usual standby, the Alphabet Game. There are links to websites given, to which you can go and print off bingo game boards, or lists for scavenger hunts.

One of my favorite suggestions was to put a book in the kit, to read aloud. At the end of the trip, tape a photo from that trip inside the book, write the date of the trip, and have each family member sign his or her name in the cover. That way, years in the future, when anyone in the family comes across that book, the memories of that trip will be evoked.

Since our family vacation was coming up shortly after I received this e-book, I was looking forward to implementing some of the ideas for our trip. I thought it would be fun to print up some scavenger lists, and have the children take photos of the items as they found them. Then those photos could go into scrapbooks later on, so they could have their own little memory albums. Alas, I didn't have quite enough time to prepare this time around. I will certainly look forward to using ideas from this book in the future, though.


Travel Kits-A Simple Way to Bless Others, by Donna Rees, can be purchased at The Old Schoolhouse store for $12.45. You can read more reviews here, and check out other e-books from The Old Schoolhouse Store here.

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