Thursday, June 3, 2010

He's so grown up!

In just a couple weeks, we will be celebrating a major milestone in our family, in our home school. We will celebrate the high school graduation of my first born. It is so hard to comprehend! I have watched this boy/man grow from a tiny infant (with large hands and feet! ;) ), into this young man who now towers over me. I can't help but shed a few tears, of joy and pride, of sorrow at "losing" my little boy.

Following is just a brief journey in photos....

We spent a few months out in Seattle when he was a baby. We went to the Sound as often as we could, even when it was cold and windy!

When we moved back to Montana, we went hiking in the mountains when we could. He took the easy way to hike!

Experiencing the start of his first Montana snow.

When he was only three, his world shattered; his father and I split up. He would stand at this window, watching out, by the hour.

We did our best to make life fun, anyway. We played in the leaves; went to the park; climbed trees and played on the merry-go-round. We walked all over town, since I had no car. It got hard to push that stroller in the ice and snow!!

When he was six, he got a step dad.

He began his school "career" by attending preschool at the local Lutheran church. After that, though, he homeschooled. He did attend church school his fifth grade year, but the school was just too far away! It was too wearing on all of us!

Before we knew it, he had two little brothers.

About a year and half after the youngest was born, we moved from Montana to Florida, to be closer to my parents. It was a big adjustment, especially climate wise! But we soon settled into a lovely little church, where most of the families also homeschooled. And for the first time ever, Tim actually had friends!! He blossomed, came out of his shell. It was wonderful to see!! He chose to be baptized, too.

Then his life was shaken again. Another father walked out of his life. Again we did the best we could to move on. We were involved with church, with homeschooling, with assisting Grandma and Grandpa as they needed, activities with nearby friends (the Mommy and Me group, for the little guys), and therapy for the youngest.

Pretty soon, life took yet another shift. The Lord led me to the man who has become my soul mate.

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  1. How Sweet!!! Isn't it amazing when they get to graduate from our homeschool?

    Welcome to the CREW!

    Mrs. White (TOS Crew)

  2. Hi there! I followed you here from the CREW as well. Loved this post and can't wait to read Part 2. Looking forward to peeking at the rest of your blog too! :)

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  4. Wendy~
    Loved this post!
    Working on going through the "following" post at TOS Crew~ I can relate to the "Busy" of life right now, so I'm just at page one. ;)
    If you want to follow my blogs, they are (TOS and Homeschool) and (My *other* blog)
    Lis in MA


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