Thursday, May 20, 2010

More changes

I posted a month or so ago about changes: changes my children are experiencing by their friends; changes I went through while growing up. Well, as you can see, even Homeschool Blogger made some changes!! They changed to a new server, thus I was forced to change layouts. I will try my hand at adding some of the widgets back in....It will take time, though.

Currently we are winding down our school year. We are making preparations for some kind of celebration for the graduation of my oldest. Here he stands, at a fork in the road....needing to decide which path to take for the next leg of his life journey. As tempting as it is, as his mom, to push him down a particular path, I know I must just stand back and allow him to make that choice for himself. I can offer my advise, my insights, my suggestions, if he asks for them, but otherwise, I will just wait, and pray!! Pin It Now!

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