Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I was presented with a copy of the January edition of this e-magazine to use and review. While these digests are written with the parent in mind, there are articles or resources that your children will find interesting and useful.

This edition had an article about pie crust making, with recipes for crusts, including step by step instructions with photos. Since my 16 year old daughter is making a collection of recipes and recipe books for herself, I printed off these pages for her to add to her collection. There also was a week’s worth of dinner menus, and recipes for the main courses of those meals, followed by a shopping list for the ingredients in those recipes.

There is an article with tips to evaluate, prioritize, and organize, with forms such as a monthly calendar, to-do list, tracking expenses and budget planning, and to inventory your family’s clothing.

I was interested to see the article discussing opening a checking account. I am sure it will be useful for my high schoolers. I plan to print out those pages for each of them. There is a printable form simulating a checkbook ledger, and another form with “blank checks” on which your teenager can practice check writing skills.

One article would appeal especially to my ten year old, since he likes to create things. This article contained instructions for making a piggy bank using recycled materials, such as a two liter bottle and newspaper.

In general, Molly’s Money Saving Digests are full of tips for frugal living and frugal decorating. Each edition can be purchased at the TOS Magazine Schoolhouse Store, for $4.95. You can also sign up for a free newsletter at Econobusters, or become a Molly Member for $3.95 per month.
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