Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our God is so amazing!

We serve an awesome, amazing, all powerful God! I just want to praise Him, and thank Him, and give Him the glory!

Last Wednesday, the insurance adjuster finally arrived at my beloved's place, to survey the damage, etc. As we had hoped and prayed, they totaled his mobile home! The adjuster wrote him a check, on the spot, as well as one for possessions. Praise God!! Now he is in the process of decision making, trying to decide what to do and where to go from here, and taking action on those decisions.

The following evening he was sorting through stuff in his home, some of his rubbermaid storage boxes, etc. He was going through one that was full of miscellaneous items. What he discovered is totally amazing!! In this box, he found most of his most important papers.....which he was positive were in his filing cabinets (which are under the tree in his bedroom!!). He does NOT remember having them out of the filing cabinet, much less putting them into that box!! He does not know how they got into that box! But we know GOD put them there!!

He also found some of his keepsakes, which he thought he had lost in the storm as well!

God is GOOD, all the time; all the time, God is GOOD!!!!

The tree is still in his house. We are beginning to look at houses. Our faith in God is much strengthened. And we can't praise and thank Him enough!! We give Him all the glory and honor and praise! He is faithful, and cares for His children in amazing, awesome ways! And we are just waiting on Him, to show us our next step....and resting peacefully in His arms.

Thank you for your prayers! They are being answered in powerful ways.
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