Sunday, March 2, 2008


On February 24 and 25, Forest Lake Academy held their academy days. Since Jennifer is 8th grade this year, she had the opportunity to attend, so she and I went down for the event. It was a fun experience for her. She was able to learn about each of the schools departments, had a tour of the campus, participated in some of the contests, met some of the teachers she could have as a Freshman, experience dorm life and dorm worships, and even meet other kids who would be in her class. Sunday evening, she played soccer, and met a couple girls with whom she bonded quite readily. They are just a touch more outgoing than she is, as you can see by the photo!

As I mentioned in the post about Daniel, we have been working on a unit study on World War II; Tim and Jen have been working at a much more indepth level than Daniel. Pin It Now!

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