Sunday, March 2, 2008


The month of February was a rather big month for Steven this year!

On January 15, Steven was tested and fitted for a hearing aid for his right ear. He chose really cool colors, yellow and blue swirled, for the ear mold piece.

On February 7, the hearing aid was ready for pick up, so we went in to receive it, and make sure the fit was right. He has had a time adjusting to it. Some days he wears it willingly, most of the day. Some days he pitches a big fit! And some days he wears it part of the day, takes it out for awhile then puts it back in.

On February 26 we went back in for a check up on the hearing aid, and to turn the volume up a bit more. He is getting really good about remembering to take it out before getting into the tub!!

He has Speech Therapy every Tuesday, and Speech and Physical Therapy every Thursday. The first Thursday after he received his hearing aid, the therapists told me that usually he picks hot wheel cars, etc, (quiet toys) to play with during therapy. But this day, he chose toys that make sound! He is beginning to enunciate words more clearly now, too, because he can hear the enunciation more clearly!

On February 21 Steven was fitted for new orthotics for his shoes, and we picked them up on the 28th. He is complaining a little that his shoes hurt a bit...probably because they are too small! Poor kid! He is growing too fast!!

One of my concerns for Steven is, his school notebook has disappeared. It has the list of all the books I have read to him this school year, the activities we have done for Before Five in a Row, papers that the therapists have sent home for us to practice, the requirements for the Little Lambs classwork, for the AJY class, and some of his artwork for the year! It has just vanished! I have been praying about it for weeks now!! Pin It Now!

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