Sunday, February 17, 2008

Scarred hearts and scarred land

2/6/08—This morning I took a walk down our road, and past the lots that some people have been clearing. They are doing this, just for the pines—to sell for pulp!

Those tall, beautiful, whispering pines have been my friends since I was a child. They have whispered their songs of God’s love to me since I was young. Now they are gone!! All that is in their place is scarred land. Only a palm or two are there, and one tall spindly pine sways in the breeze.

That is how my heart feels. That is what a broken marriage and divorce do. They rip out the trees of love, trust, respect—and leave ugly scars in their places.

Thankfully, Jesus is willing to come in and replant those trees, and assist us in cultivating them with His own blood and tears. If we allow Him, He will heal us.

Oh, Lord Jesus, please come and heal my children’s hearts, and my heart. Amen.

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