Monday, November 21, 2016

Five Random Musings, November 21

1. Cold temperatures have arrived. It was about 28 degrees this morning.

2. Yesterday the younger two boys went on a 52 (yes, FIFTY-TWO) mile bike ride. They are working on the Cycling Pathfinder honor. One of the requirements is a 50 mile ride. They went with their best bud, and one of the men from church. His wife took a couple of the girls on a shorter ride.

3. Today, the Botanist Boy is totally wiped out. Sore, some, from the bike ride. But also sneezing, sniffling, cold (and he's rarely cold!), and has a headache. Hopefully it passes quickly.

4. Tim told me has was able to pick up extra hours at work, which is good, since Jen is still not cleared for work. He'll even be working on Thanksgiving. We'll have to have dinner at noon.

5. Speaking of bicycling; there is a group of Pathfinders in North Carolina (I think it is) that does a long bike trip each summer. Tim (along with others from our church) went with them back in 2008. In fact, he was gone over his birthday.

Anyway, that group is going to bike the Natchez Trace next summer (2017). Frankly, all four of my offspring would like to go. Two of them need road bikes. Tim still has his; Botanist Boy is currently using it for the rides the Pathfinders have been taking, but Tim also uses it for Sabbath afternoon rides with his girlfriend. Last Saturday night my folks bought Little Bit a new bike (a hybrid; it's lighter than a mountain bike, and the tires have a little more traction than a road bike), as an early Christmas he'd be able to do the 50 mile ride the next day.

We are looking for good-quality (used would be fine) road bikes for Jen and Botanist Boy. Also, Jen and the younger two boys need to be outfitted with the proper clothing, etc. Also, there's the cost of the trip itself. If the Lord impresses you to help, we'd be most grateful!

I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving (my US readers).

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