Friday, November 18, 2016

A Review of Our Week, November 18

It's been awhile since I've shared much about our home school and home life. I have this schedule planned out, for blog posts each week:
Sunday-Scripture and a Snapshot
Monday-Random 5
Tuesday-Try a New Recipe
Wednesday-Wordless Wednesday, my linkup
Thursday-Book Reviews
Friday-Our homeschool adventures
Sabbath-Inspiration for the Week

Yeah, like this happens! I'm lucky if I accomplish Scripture and a Snapshot, Wordless Wednesday, and the Inspiration for the Week posts every week...and the book reviews seem to occur whenever. It's the thought that counts?

If you read my Random 5 Musings this past Monday, you know about my girl's finger. Today she had a follow up appointment with the doctor. They removed the stitches. They also did an x-ray, which shows there is some bone loss at the tip of her finger. They may have to redo the surgery, to clean more of the bone...This may mean she might lose the tip of her finger yet.

Please pray with us for miracles, for healing and restoration.

She, of course, was not cleared for work yet. She goes back to the doctor on December 2. So right now, we know for sure she will be out of work a total of five weeks, minimum. Oy! The finances were already extremely tight. We will be leaning on God's providence even more heavily.
Here, Botanist Boy is helping change the antibiotic "ball." First, we clean the line with a saline solution, both lines. Then in the line from which the nurse draws blood, we inject Heparin. Then the new "ball" is attached to the other line.

This school year, the boys and I have joined a homeschool group. They have a weekly co-op, which we've been attending, as well. This week was the final week for this semester. They'll start up again the beginning of February.

Since this was our first term, I did not have to teach a class. I had to be a helper for two periods, though. I will have to teach a class next semester, and be a helper one period. Still toying with ideas for a class to teach.

The Botanist Boy was in Poetry, and Marketing 101, then had Study Hall third period. Little Bit was on Yearbook first period, Chess second period, and Outdoor Games third period. At first, Botanist Boy was kind of reluctant to even participate, but I think he really enjoyed his classes. I think Little Bit had fun in all of his.
(Since I didn't ask permission to post children's photos, I had to cover their faces.) This is the Chess class, for which I was a helper. We watched a video each week, while the kids played each other. The last three weeks, they were keeping score; the scores were tallied and averaged by the teacher, and then the final day the student with the highest points for that day received a crown, and the student with the highest points averaged over all also received a crown. The tall one in the back is the one who won the over all highest score (my boys best bud). Yeah, he's going to have a "big head" for awhile! LOL

Besides being in co-op for the first time, the boys have also been taking online classes through a virtual school  for the first time.

Little Bit has been taking a junior high photography class. Botanist Boy has been taking a remedial math class (the teacher attends the church we also attend), and a high school photography class. This week, he finished the first semester of the photography class...with a final grade of 95.95%! Well done, my boy!!

How has your week been?

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