Monday, November 14, 2016

Five Random Musings, November 14

1. Today is Sir Frederick Grant Banting's 125th birthday. He was a Canadian medical scientist, physician, painter, and Nobel laureate, noted as the first person to use insulin on humans.

That means today is celebrated as World Diabetes Day!

November is Diabetes Awareness Month, and I usually blog more about Type 1 Diabetes, to raise awareness, during the month of November. This month, though, we've been kind of "thrown for a loop" around here. If you regularly read my blog, you have caught occasional glimpses of what's been happening.

2. My Lovely Girl has been battling a staph infection in one of her fingers. We are not even certain how she contracted the infection, but we have our suspicions.

She woke up one morning, with pain in her finger. There was no sign of a wound, at all. She complained of it hurting for a few days; we pretty much just ignored it...until it began developing pus under the skin. Actually, it looked like a developing blister.

We attempted an urgent care clinic in town, but the copay was going to be higher than she could pay. So the next day we went to the county health department. The nurse sent her to a clinic to be seen by a nurse practioner, who took a photo and sent it to a wound specialist. He ordered Jen to go to ER immediately.

They started her on oral antibiotic, and wanted her back 24 hours later, then 48 hours after the second visit. Jen's BFF (who is Tim's girlfriend), took Jen both to the initial ER visit, and the final ER visit; Tim and the girlfriend took her to the middle visit; all three visits were late in the day, involving driving after dark, which I can no longer do.

The final ER visit, they decided they wanted to keep her over night, to get her on antibiotic IV. They also did an MRI, which showed the infection had gotten in to the bone. They wanted to do surgery, to clean out the infection, the next morning. Jen wanted her mother there with her. So, that night after Tim got off work, he drove me to the hospital.

When they did the procedure, they took cultures, of course. We had to wait a couple days for the results. Those results showed a staph infection, but it was not MRSA...praise the Lord. Treatment for the staph infection? They put in a PICC line, to administer long-term antibiotic. All totalled, she will be on the IV antibiotics for 6 weeks.

She was discharged from the hospital on Election Day.

Now we daily change the bandaging on her finger, and change the "ball" of antibiotic. And, naturally, she is missing work. All total, she will be out of work a minimum of 3-4 weeks.

3. What caused this staph infection?

We aren't sure. We have our suspicions. Jen's first thought was possibly a spider bite in the night. Most likely, it was a finger poke, from checking blood sugars, that got infected...quite possibly at work (handling germy money).

(I am not allowed, by the daughter, to publicly post any more pictures of her finger. There are a couple over on my Instagram, but none from after the procedure on her finger, with the drain, nor after the drain was removed)

4. In order to change my driver's license from the previous state to the current state, I needed to have a certified birth certificate. It finally arrived in the mail last Thursday, eight weeks before my fifty-fifth birthday. It's official! I was born!

5. I am toying with the idea of changing my blog name. I don't know what that will entail yet. Just changing the name? Will I be able to change the name portion of the blog address as well? Or will I need to create a whole new blog?

I'll keep you posted!

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