Monday, April 11, 2016

W is for The "W" in the Sky

I bet you thought I'd talk (yet again) about Whooping Cranes for the letter "W" in this round of Blogging Through the Alphabet. I was planning to!! But I decided to share another of my poems instead.

The “W” in the Sky

How small and insignificant I feel;
I really don’t know why I’m here,
Nor why I should be;
No one really seems to care.

But, oh, my friend, that’s not true.
Look up in the stars--
What do you see?

Why, Lord, so many stars--
But I don’t understand…
Oh, now I see!
It’’s a “W”--
But what does it mean?

Wendy, you are important in My sight,
Don’t you see?
I died for you on Calvary--
It was for you that I died.
Your sins are washed away,
And there’s a home for you in heaven
If you will only accept.

Oh, yes, Jesus--I accept!
But, Master, why me?
I was cruel enough to kill You,
My sins are washed away, yes,
But what can I do in return
For all You’ve done for me?

My child, listen…
All you must do is accept My gift,
Share it with others,
Live your life right--I’ll help!
You have many talents--
I know, I gave them to you…
Take, for instance, the one you’re using now--
Poetry, it’s another of My gifts.
If you’ll use it right,
You could win souls, maybe.
Look, I give you words to describe
Some of the majestic splendor I show you.

Yes, my Lord, I thank You.
But sometimes the words just don’t come--
Then others they just build up
Until I feel as if I’ll explode.
I also thank You for the privilege
Than I can talk to You.
Please help me to continue growing in You.
Thank You, also, for all my wonderful friends.
I know You do love me--
And I’ll always think of the “W” in the sky!

October 14, 1979

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