Friday, February 19, 2016

P is for Pizza Making

 Earlier this month, we got together with our friends to working on the Pathfinder honor of Pizza Maker.


 1.Do a short research on the history of pizza.

2.Make a list of the basic ingredients for the pizza dough.

3.Find out at least one biblical text about each single ingredient. Explain at least 4 of these texts and their symbolic meaning.

4.Describe the leavening process.

5.What is the difference between Neapolitan style pizza and Roman style pizza?

6.According to its shape and size, how many kinds of pizza do you know?

7.What are three different ways to bake a pizza? Describe the differences in detail.

8.What is the ideal temperature if you use a wood oven to cook pizza? What is the ideal temperature if you use an electric oven?

9.Prepare a Pizza Margherita.

(answers can be "Googled" or found at Wiki-Helps) We actually went over all of the questions orally, together as a group. You may also require your Pathfinder/student to write out the answers. Obviously the best part is making and eating a pizza!
Pizza Margherita

White Pizza

Sicilian (left), Chicago (deep-dish) (right)

They all did an excellent job on their crusts! They were perfect! Their pizzas were delicious. We all decided we'd like to open a pizzeria. <grin>

A wonderful resource for learning about pizza, the history of pizza, and how pizza is made, etc., would be the Pizza Party Download N Go unit study, by Amanda Bennett.

Then the other day was National Pizza Day, so we had to have pizza again. This time I just purchased pizza, from Papa John's.

Did you celebrate National Pizza Day?
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  1. I loved this, Wendy! Not only is homemade pizza a great meal idea, but I love including Biblical texts for all ingredients. Yum!


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