Thursday, February 11, 2016

N is for Nature Study

I missed posting my "N" post for Blogging Through the Alphabet post last week!! So, I'll post it this week, and hopefully still get "O" posted!

In case you haven't noticed, we really enjoy nature and the out of doors around here. We also like to do our part in protecting the environment.

During our current visit to Florida, we have been concentrating quite a bit on nature study.

Little Bit and I have been studying birds, using such resources as The Burgess Bird Book for Children; Blacky the Crow; Learning About Birds; the Pathfinder honor, Birds; the Owls Note Pack, from In the Hands of a Child; and even the All Owls--Fun Study, by Homeschool Bits.

Recently we were able to go on quite a birding expedition. We went to St. Marks, Florida, with the hopes of seeing the flyover of the final ultralight led flight of the Whooping Cranes. Due to uncooperative weather, the birds were not able to fly that morning, but we were able to meet the Operation Migration team anyway. To make up for that, we went to nearby Wakulla Springs State Park, and took a boat tour. We spotted a large number of water birds! It was like a birder's paradise.
(Oh, we saw alligators and turtles as well!)

Botanist Boy has been working on several Pathfinder nature honors, as part of his high school biology course. Most recently, he has completed most of the requirements for Bats, and Bats Advanced. He still must complete this requirement: Build or purchase a bat box, know the best place to put it and install it at a home, church, or your school. Record for 3 months what kind and how many bats have made it their home. Grandpa is helping out with that; he recently purchased a bat house. With Botanist Boy's help, he will get it set up, then Botanist Boy will be able to observe it for three months, or more. (The "bat lady" indicated that it may take up to three months before bats actually discover and move in to the bat house).

The other day we heard the "bat lady" speak about pollinators, their importance, and how to help preserve pollinators and protect them from the man-made dangers they face. She also had a couple of her (disabled, rescued) bats with her.
We plan to go to a local spring soon, to observe the wintering Manatees. Yes, I'll share a photo or two! We also hope to travel a couple area birding trails.

What are some of the things you like to do in your home school for nature study? Does your family keep a nature journal? Please share.

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