Tuesday, January 5, 2016

J is for January 5

I don't often blog about myself, but...well, today I guess I'll make an exception.

Over half a century ago (okay, 54 years ago), my mother gave birth to her one and only daughter, on a stormy winter night in northeast Indiana.

We've covered a lot of ground since then--literally. We moved to Michigan shortly after I was born. When I was eight, we moved to southeast North Carolina, where my mom and dad began their adventure of teaching in Seventh-day Adventist church schools. Four years later found us in Amarillo, Texas. A year later, we moved to Mobile, Alabama; two years later, we arrived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana...where it rained continuously the entire first month we were there.

My parents continued moving from place to place after that, but from there I began "branching out" on my own. I attended school in Baton Rouge one year, then went away to a Seventh-day Adventist boarding academy in Tennessee, where I spent the next three years. I graduated in 1981, with the best class in the school! (Yes, that means we will be celebrating our 35th class reunion this year!)

After graduation, I spent a few months in New York, went back to Baton Rouge to help my folks move to Topeka, Kansas, then headed off to northern British Columbia to another small Seventh-day Adventist school, out in the wilderness.

In mid-winter, I came back to the US, engaged to my high school sweetheart. We spent the next 14 months apart: he in Montana with his folks, me in Kansas with my folks. We were married in April,1984, and I moved to Montana with him. I lived in Montana for the next 20+ years, where all four of my precious kids were born.

Eleven years ago next month, the kids and I moved to Florida. Just over seven years ago, the kids and I moved to Mississippi. And now we hope to move back to Florida in the not-too-distant future.

Now that just covers the ground of where I've lived! I've traveled quite a bit, too. In fact, I have been in all but five states. (The states I'm missing are: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Hawaii). I hope to some day take the boys to New England!

Do I like to travel? Yes! Do I like to drive? No, not really! But I do a lot of driving now, whether I want to or not. The boys and I travel to Florida frequently, to spend time with my folks...especially now that Jen lives in Florida, too. Tim is hoping to move back to Florida this spring. The younger two boys and I hope we can move at that time, as well.

I especially do not like driving in snow, nor in the rain. And it's getting hard for me to drive at night.

As you may know, one of my passions is photography. You'll have a hard time dragging me from behind the camera (that's the safest place to be!).
And if you've been reading my blog for long, you'll know that some of my other passions are: homeschooling, birds (especially hummingbirds and Whooping Cranes, and...and...), flowers (well, nature in general), reading, writing, blogging, and most of all: my kids! I am a strong advocate of breastfeeding, and Type 1 Diabetes awareness. I share my faith through my blog, and Facebook.

This year for my birthday, my parents are giving me a week at Hilton Head! Watch for photos later. <grin>

I guess that about wraps up this post. Thank you for enduring my ramblings today.

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. Psalm 90:12 NIV

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