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A Moment in Time {100 Themes} with link up

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In the summer of 1990, I had the privilege of visiting Alaska with my parents. We went up there on a mission trip. We held two Vacation Bible Schools, and a Bible camp.

We flew in to Anchorage, and were met by our pilot from the mission in Kotzebue. We first flew to Selawik, where we stayed at the mission at which we held the first Vacation Bible School. During that week, we also were flown to Shungnak to attend a funeral. Then we spent a week in Kotzubue, where held the second Vacation Bible School. After that, we spent about a week in Nome, we had Bible Camp.

We also had some time site seeing in Nome, Fairbanks, and Anchorage, which included a trip to Portage Glacier. While we were driving from Fairbanks to Anchorage, we took a day out for Denali National Park. That was breathtaking!

I flew in to Anchorage on June 10, and flew out July 5. As my dad says, we were there for 25 days, and 3 nights, because the sun never set while we were above the Arctic Circle.
    Arctic Peace
  I lie here in bed
listening to the sounds
of a new Arctic day.
  Actually, it seems
yesterday's extension,
for the sun does not set.
  Nearby a dog team
begins its morning choir;
I recall my childhood.
  A bird is singing
a sweet little solo,
praise to our Creator.
four-wheelers buzz along,
like giant bumble bees.
  In summer, they are
the villagers' transport;
there are few vehicles.
  Sombody goes by
with radio blaring,
ripping morning stillness.
  But in the quiet
God softly speaks to me
and I commune with Him.
  My love for the North,
and God's children found here,
grows quietly stronger.
  "Give me a burden;
show me how to serve You,
I pray, Father, today."
                Wendy KAR
                 June 25, 1990

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