Friday, August 14, 2015

Through the Eyes of My Students {Back to Homeschool Blog Hop}

Hello. Welcome back for our final day of the blog hop.

Today we will be learning about homeschooling, through the eyes of my students. Well, that was my original plan, anyway. I'd asked both boys to take a few photos for me, of what homeschooling looks like to them.

Botanist Boy is still at my brother's (hopefully we get him back this weekend!). He's spent the past two weeks there, helping with VBS. So, I'd hoped for a picture or two from VBS. Well, that didn't happen. But he did help with the food ministry, and took pictures from that.
Food ministry
I also had pictures from the VBS at my parents' church, with which he also helped.
VBS in Florida
So, I guess we could say that one of the "faces" of homeschooling is volunteering in ministry.

Since I didn't get more photos than these, I asked each boy to tell me verbally: What does homescool look like to you?

Little Bit's response:
"Fun; interesting; exciting."
(well, except maybe reading, writing, and spelling... ;-) )

Botanist Boy's response:
"Homeschooling makes it so I can pick what I want to learn, and I can learn about God, which I can't really do in public school."
I know that both boys are thankful they don't have to get up early, to be on the school bus by 6:30 or 7:00 in the morning. I know that, if he really stopped to think about it, Little Bit would be thankful he doesn't have to sit in a desk nearly all day long.

I'm sure Botanist Boy is pleased that he was able to be with his cousin today when she got her driver's license. I imagine it will help to encourage him to work toward getting his permit first, then license later.

Even though neither one mentioned it, I think they like the fact that homeschooling is flexible.

How do your children view homeschooling? Please share.

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  1. It's so great to have your kids involved in the ministry. You must be proud.


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